Goodbye Toxic Cookwares, Hello Good Times

We believe in creating a wholesome life starting from good, and clean cooking.

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    "We think the Ella Fry Pan is one of the best cookware in Malaysia"

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    "Ella Cookware has a stylish design and comes in bright colours"

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    "The build quality of this pan befits the pricing"

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    "Fortunately, we like that you don’t have to worry about shipping fees since it’s 100% free"

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    "Ella truly puts the joy in cooking!"

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Say Hello To Your New Non-Stick,
Non-Toxic Cookwares

  • Ella Cookware Non toxic Ceramic Material

    Non-Toxic Materials

  • Ella Cookware Malaysia Non Stick Ceramic Material

    Non-Stick Coating

  • Ella Cookware Malaysia Easy To clean Ceramic Material

    Easy To

  • Ella Cookware Malaysia Gas Electric Induction Ceramic Stove Tops

    For All Stove Tops

  • Ella Cookware Malaysia Oven Safe Ceramic Material

    Oven Safe

  • Ella Cookware Malaysia Sustainable Eco-Friendly Ceramic Material

    Sustainably Made

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Ella Cookware Malaysia Food Cooking Salmon Ceramic Material

Cook Clean,
Eat Clean


Ella uses a mineral-based non-stick coating that won't leach toxic materials into the food, it's free from toxins like Teflon (PTFE), synthetic coatings (PFOA).

Ella Cookware Malaysia Easy to Clean Ceramic Material

Cooks Deliciously,
Cleans Easily


Ella’s non-stick cookwares is so incredibly smooth, it saves on butter and oil. A great clean can be achieved with little to no washing.

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